A Texas teen's perfect response to a rude customer has gone viral with many praising the teen as a great leader- all over a snow cone!

Thomas Park via Unsplash
Thomas Park via Unsplash

Keke's Snow Balls in Willis, Texas is probably a big hit during this time of year! During this Texas heatwave, an ice, cold and refreshing snow cone hits the spot. The heat can also make some people crabby; and unfortunately, Keke's also have their fair share of crabby customers.

That was the case one hot day when a grown woman got upset over a misunderstanding and ended with her calling the young employee the "B" word! Here is a rundown of the situation:

Here’s what happened: A few days ago, the customer ordered a snowball and asked to prepay for one for her daughter. Though we don’t usually do this, our team agreed. However, due to a shift change, there was confusion. When we refunded her, and closed the window, a sign fell. The customer returned, pushed the sign, and insulted our employee.

The supervisor, also a young employee, then clapped back with the best response. Check it out below!

For being 17, she's more mature than I would have been in that situation!

I would also like to commend the other employee for also keeping her cool as the older woman complained.

Many in the comments section praised the 17-year-old supervisor and Keke's also said they stand by their employee's reaction:

I am proud of our supervisor’s handling of the situation. While businesses often face complaints, it’s rare to highlight mistreatment of staff. We have permission from our employee’s parents to post this, with the customer’s face blurred out. We must strive for better behavior and respect in all interactions.

In the end, the woman got her $6 back (can you believe this was all over $6?!) and the supervisor was hailed a hero!

If you find yourself in Willis, Texas, pay Keke's a visit at 10700 FM 1097.

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