A Houston, Texas news anchor has made waves on TikTok after he told it like it is during a live broadcast about our current economic situation.

Hey, he was just sayin' what we're all thinkin'!

In Case You Didn't Know, Inflation Is High

It seems like things in life are rather bumpy in terms of finances right now, doesn't it? Gas prices are still high, and food prices are also going up. (We've discussed that particular annoyance already.)

However, while most of us are keeping up as best we can, others are struggling with rising costs. Everyone's feeling it, but families are the most affected. After all, the more people to take care of, the more money it will take.

For some of us, the economic situation is tough, but more manageable. If you're just taking care of yourself, the cost might be still annoying, but not as much of a burden. But there is continued focus on the situation facing Texas families.

Enter Isiah Carey, FOX 26 Newscaster

While on air recently, Carey said this (NSFW language warning for those with young children or fragile co-workers):

Two simple words: ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS.

Carey showed no fear in basically telling viewers how the current economic situation is for families. Basically, he delivered the truth to viewers how it should be served: cold.

In case you're not able to watch the video above, here's what he said: "Inflation continues to b---h slap the American family, and that includes at the dinner table."

Who Is Isiah Carey?

According to FOX 26, Carey joined the station in September of 2001. According to his bio, Carey is a native of Baton Rouge, LA, where he started in TV at age 5 on a program called Thought for the Day on WVLA-TV.

He hosts a show titled Isiah Factor Uncensored. I guess the title explains why he didn't hold anything back in that video.

He even has his own show page, which you can look at here.

Also stated is that Carey has won awards for his coverage. He deserves the "Telling It Like It Is" award, in our opinion.

What Do You Think?

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