“I woke up on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night clubbing and had an email from a flight company. It showed I had booked a flight from Glasgow to Rio de Janeiro on my debit card at 5.12am."

Jamie Ather had no recollection of booking the trip. He had been drunk the night before. Alarmed, he contacted the airline and asked for a refund. No dice.

“I called the airline on the Monday to try to cancel but there was only a 24-hour cancellation period."

So, this Scot was left with two options: Either eat the pricey cost of a flight from Scotland to Brazil, or take the time off from work and go on the trip. He was anxious to do so, but Jamie chose to board the plane.

"I had never been away on my own on a trip like that, so I was really nervous about setting off – I thought I was going to get kidnapped – but I ended up having one of the best experiences of my life."

Mr. Ather documented his adventure online and ended up going viral in the process.

Jamie told the Daily Record, “Visiting the sloth sanctuary was one of the highlights – I completely fell in love with the animals. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice Peru is. The people there were so nice, thanking me for visiting their country. I had an amazing time.”

Oh yeah -- he also went to Peru on a whim.

In all, Ather partied with new friends on Rio’s Copacabana beach, hiked the Inca trail to ancient city of Machu Picchu, discovered new cuisines, met many beautiful girls and documented his trip online, becoming something of a celebrity to his increasingly large group of online followers.


While he had a blast, Jamie has vowed to never do something like this again.

Because now, he's broke.

"I'm skint. Christmas is cancelled," he says.  "Next time I go out I’m definitely leaving my bank cards at home, but I think I’ll be staying in for a while.”

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