My first reaction is to poo poo the idea of working out just so we can justify more drinks.  And then I remember I hit the treadmill for 40 minutes yesterday only to cancel out the benefits with wings and drinks at happy hour last night.

The Washington Post is talking about a study that says we exercise more on days that we’re going to booze it up.  

A lot of times drinking and exercise occur on the same day, and researchers thought for a second that maybe the exercise was happening after the drinks, but who in his or her right mind would do that?  (I’ve got a friend that does that actually, heads to the gym after happy hour.)  Most of the time it seems we hit the gym earlier in the day, then go out to party with the knowledge that we were calorie torchers a few hours prior and deserve to celebrate.

I work out so I can eat more too.  Bottom line; at least we’re working out!


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