There’s a Good Reason for Sneezin’ in Tyler Today
If you were feeling sneezy yesterday there was a good reason for it. East Texas had high pollen counts over the weekend and it's supposed to get worse this week before it gets better. So when will we be done with the itchy eyes and runny noses this spring?
Are East Texans Too Busy?
If it's a typical week, we'll have less than a half hour of free time and we'll push ten important things to the back burner because we have trouble squeezing them all in. That's what happens to most people across the country, but does East Texas fall in line with that?
The Average Tax Refund is Larger This Year
With all of the tax law changes we've been waiting to see how that impacts refunds this year, and out of the 53 million refunds issued so far, the IRS says the average refund is a few dollars higher than last year. What people are spending refunds on may surprise you.

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