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Take A Look Inside Tyler's Incredible Workspace You Can Use
If you've been booted from your college campus, need a new place to study, or want to work from home - or somewhere similar with a break from the kids, you're in luck because your professional workspace just got a lot cooler.
WorkHub right here in Tyler,TX  is one of the largest, shared office space …
NFL Draft Will Go On With Big Changes
Vegas isn't happening, so the NFL is having to make big changes to its plans for the NFL Draft in April. It will be a lot quieter this time, and all of the swivel chairs will be at least six feet apart.
Snacks That You Can Freeze for Later
I loved stocking the freezer before all of this, and I especially love it now. When grapes are about to go bad, throw them in the freezer and you'll have bite-sized popsicles whenever you're in the mood. Bananas, yogurt, and pretzels will help you win the freezer game too.
Window Messages Are a Hit During Isolation
With so many people holed up in the house right now, windows are becoming a new social media platform. Neighbors are posting pictures of rainbows, messages, and pictures of pets to spread a little hope and cheer.
Social Distancing Is The New Norm
Maintaining a continuous 6-foot barrier around ourselves is nearly impossible, but after all of this, it seems like more people than ever will probably try. And it may change how we look at crowds, at least for a little while.

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