A study was released that states that XBOX users are better in bed than Wii or Playstation users. Who would have known that all of that time the girlfriends and wives of the world complained about their men playing on the XBOX all day were actually benefiting from it. Lets find out why this may be the case. 

VoucherCodesPro gathered 1,747 gamers from the UK to find out the effects of video game play on the players relationships. What they found was rather interesting.

Each participant was asked which console their partener preferred to use, then they were asked, "How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?"

Metro revealed that, "[t]he results saw just 11 per cent respond ‘excellent’, while most  - 27 percent said their partner was ‘good’, 26 percent said their partner was ‘average’ and a disappointing 20 per cent branded their partner’s bedroom skills as ‘below average’."

This information was then filtered through who said what about who played what console. This is when the researchers found that XBOX users were ranked higher than any other. The official findings claimed, "54 per cent of Xbox gamers being described as ‘good’ or above and 22 per cent being regarded as ‘excellent’."

Interesting, but who was ranked second? Turns out, Wii players came in with 47 percent of their lovers saying they were 'good' or better.

I guess the ladies of the world might need to cut down on the complaints towards their lovers about putting down the controller.