The New York Post has a tragic story today about a family that died while trying to save the family dog. Would you risk your life to save your pet?

The story is from Northern California where a family was playing at the beach - tossing a stick into the water for the family dog to fetch. At one point the dog got pulled into the ocean by eight to ten foot waves.

A teenage boy went in after the dog and his father followed. The boy was able to get out, but when there was no sign of his father, the boy and mother went back into the water to look for him. Both the mother and teenage son were dragged into the ocean.

The couple's daughter called police. Once rescuers arrived, they retrieved the mother's body and the father's body washed up on shore. The teenage boy is still missing.

The dog was able to get out of the water on it's own.

This brings up the question - how far would you go to save your family pet? Would you risk your own life - or the lives of your family members?