Beer in a can has been around for years.  And now a hot new invention involves may revolutionize what we drink out of a can.  It's coffee-flavored wine.

Really?  This is either great news, or insane!  Pick a buzz already!

The coffee-flavored wine drink is invented by Friends Fun Wine, and Time Magazine says it's the world's first coffee-wine combo.  Maybe there's a reason it hasn't been done before?

There's something for fans of both red and white wine:  Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino.

When should we drink this stuff?  In the morning or at night?  My body would be so confused.  I assume it's a happy hour drink and the caffeine buzz is there just to keep us from getting too relaxed.  God forbid we totally relax.

If the coffee-flavored wine doesn't really do it for ya, there's always Kahlua.