The Huffington Post has a story today about the top professions where you're most likely to hook-up with your co-workers. If you find yourself by yourself this Valentines Day, you might want to find a job in one of these professions real quick!

Payscale, A career website recently asked 42,000 people working in a variety of different jobs if they had a history of hooking-up with co-workers.

Here's a list of the top 5 professions where co-workers get it on:

  1. Artists - 8.3%
  2. Cooks - 8.1%
  3. Welders 6.3%
  4. Stock Clerks - 5.9%
  5. Occupational Health & Safety Specialists - 5%

In another survey conducted last year they actually found that one in ten employees admitted to actually having sex on the job!

Now, we want to know: