We asked a question on our Facebook page last night about excuses you've used for calling in "sick" to work.  We got several responses, but no one has apparently ever used the excuse of being a chronic masturbater!  Due to a chemical imbalance, a 36 year old woman in Brazil has gotten legal permission to break a couple off at work by masturbating.  More after the jump.

The story comes from Barbara.Guanabee.com and claims the woman suffers from an anxiety disorder and hypersexuality due to a chemical imbalance.  The only way Ana Bezerran can cope with her condition is to masturbate several times a day.  If fact, her doctor has prescribed her a "cocktail" of tranquilizers to try to help with the disorder, but she still masturbates up to 18 times a day!

Last April she had to take her employer to court in order to be allowed to masturbate during work hours. Ana won.