Instead of filing for divorce, a woman was caught on video meeting with who she thought was a hitman to kill her husband.

According to, 21-year-old Julia Charlene Merfeld was arrested and pleaded guilty for solicitation to murder. But the crazy part about this is that it was all caught on video.

You can see in the video Merfeld talk openly to a man she believes is a hitman for hire, but really he's an undercover police officer. Apparently Merfield had offered a co-worker $50,000 to kill her husband, but instead he called police, who set up the sting.

In the video Merfield is surprisingly very calm for planning on her husband, whom she stood to inherit $400,000 in life insurance. Merfield even says to the officer that killing her husband "was easier than divorcing him." In the video she agrees to pay the "hitman" $50,000 to kill her husband.

“When I first decided to do this … it’s not that we weren’t getting along,” she says in the video. “But … terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him.

"You know, I didn’t have to worry about the judgment of my family, I didn’t have to worry about breaking his heart, all that stuff like this. It’s, like, how I got a clean getaway.”

The moral of the story is, well, it's not nice to hire people to kill people for you. And you could be on video.