Holy what? Well, the statistics are out this year, and a Gallup Poll says wine ties beer as the top choice among drinkers in the U.S. in terms of what they drink most often: beer, wine or liquor.

Here's more from the poll:

The 36% of U.S. drinkers favoring beer in Gallup's July 7-10 poll ties for the lowest Gallup has recorded for the popular beverage since initiating this measure in 1992. The other low reading came in 2005, at the same time Americans' preference for wine temporarily surged to 39%. Beer regained a solid lead at the top spot, until this year.

The 35% now favoring wine and 23% liquor are near the record highs for these beverages, although preferences have generally fluctuated around the current levels since about 2003.

Preference for beer declined among all age groups this year, but it fell the most among young adults -- dropping to 39% today from 51% in 2010. By contrast, middle-aged adults' preference for beer fell just three percentage points (to 41% from 44%), and older adults' fell two points (to 27% from 29%).

Younger adults' decreased preference for beer is accompanied by slight increases in their preferences for liquor and wine. Additionally, 2% of young adults this year volunteered that they most often drink cordials, up from less than 1% in 2010 and in most prior years.

Younger people are actually drinking less beer? Must be all the vodka-Red Bulls.

So today, I'm asking you as a American, what do you prefer as your social drink? I am a bottom-line beer guy, liquor comes in second and wine is definitely third.

But don't get me wrong. Wine has great antioxidants and some of the wine I drink is good. But in my preference, wine is for a heavy meat dinner or Italian feast. Beer and my friend Woodford Reserve have been a favorite of mine in the social arena and casual drinking.

So today you vote! What is your favorite casual drink?