Fox has a new television series that is only two weeks into the season. It is good. If you have missed these two episodes and need reason to watch this new and great show, here are a few reasons to get glued to your TV on Mondays. 

Sleepy Hollow is an awesome new horror and suspense remake of the classic story of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman. Have heard of it? Here is a preview to get your heart beating, goosebumps on your arms, and your butt on the couch every Monday night.

Isn't that a good and juicy preview. Makes you want to watch the show, huh? Well, there are a few more reasons to tune in to this fabulously creepy and quirky show.

1. For the ladies. 

Mr. Tom Mison.

Paul A. Herbert, Getty Images

This dream boat plays Ichabod Crane thrown into the future over 250 years before his time. His quick wit, british accent, smoldering good looks (with or without the long hair), and bravery in the face of demons and danger make him Sleepy Hollow fans main crush.

2. For the Gentlemen. 

Nicole Beharie and Katia Winter.

Jason LaVeris, Getty Images
JB Lacroix, Getty Images

These lovely ladies fall on either side of Mr. Cranes journey. One,Nicole Beharie, as  Lt. Abbie Mills greets Mr. Crane into the advanced world of 2013. She and the time traveling cutie team up to figure out what exactly is going on in the not so quiet Sleepy Hollow village.

Katia Winter was Ichabod's wife. She shows up quite often to help him figure things out in this fantasy filled show. Though she cannot leave her world to save him again from death's doorstep, she and her beauty show up whenever possible to leave hints for Crane and the  Lt. Abbie Mills to better conquer the evil invading our world.

In fact, the entire cast is pretty darn good looking. Well, except for the demons, witches, and headless horsemen that share the FOX screen with us every week. I mean, look at them.

Paul A. Herbert, Getty Images

But, the show isn't all about the hotties. It is a great break from the shows that have been coming on the TV lately.

With the season finale of Breaking Bad and Halloween right around the corner, we all need this show.

Sleepy Hollow carries the perfect amount of laughs, jumps, and cheese to get us through the Fall season. The way they have put an interesting twist on the story of Ichabod Crane we all have come to know and love makes this tale even taller and more interesting to watch.

For more information and to watch behind the scenes goodies, check out the Sleepy Hollow page on the FOX website.