A friend of mine sent me this video yesterday.  Damn funny for a Friday if you ask me.  It deals with what they call "Breaking The Barrier." When you are in a new relationship, when is the appropriate amount of time before you can comfortably fart in front of each other?

This video shows the dangers of "Breaking The Barrier." Guys, once you let one loose, be ready for the fall-out.  If you have any experience in this area at all, you know perfectly well that girls can have bigger, juicier -- yes even smellier farts than any man.

I took a quick poll around the radio stations and discovered that most of the women in the building "say" that they don't fart in front of their mate or significant other.  In fact, only one woman in the whole building admitted to doing it without shame.  Most of the men, however, had quite a different story.  My favorite quote from one of our sales guys, Tom Norman, was "let it rip, tater chip."

The crazy thing to me is that some of the men in the building say they have never heard their wives fart.  In fact, one guy says he's not even sure that his wife goes #2 at all.  He's never witnessed it!  Our General Manager, Johnny Lathrop, is another guy who has never heard his wife break wind!  Amazing to me!

Here is the video that started the whole discussion.  Get a good laugh and share with your friends and co-workers.  So, what is your experience on the subject?  Do you? When is the right time?  To earn some extra Rock-A-Holic points click here.   We have a poll after the video -- we really do want to know what your opinion is!