Have you ever gone to happy hour and then gone shopping? Yep! What did you buy? I spent $15 on margaritas one time and then went to a store and spent $8,000. No lie.

If you're thinking about buying something anyway, alcohol can put you right over the edge!  And it can talk you into the strangest things.

I was out at happy hour a few years back, drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa, and I shared with a friend how badly I wanted granite counter tops. Long story short and a few sips of tequila later, the next thing I knew I was at a home improvement store financing $8,000 worth of granite countertops for my kitchen.

I loved them! But I wonder if I would have made the same big decision to buy them sans the margs.

Designer jeans are another big tipsy purchase item for me. I won't usually spend my Benjamins on expensive jeans when I'm stone cold sober, but after a drink or two I cannot live without them and think they are way more important than the electric bill.

What about you? Any drunken purchases you're proud of or embarrassed about? I won't judge if you don't judge.

We might look at that new car of yours a little differently!