The American flag represents pride, freedom, and glory that we have for our United States. But what does it mean? The stars, stripes, and colors all represent something. There is also a patriotic way to treat the Stars and Stripes. When a flag gets old and worn out, there is a way to properly honor it when you relieve it of its duty. Even when raising/lowering the flag and folding it, there are rules to doing it. Watch the videos to learn more

The 50 stars are a representation of the 50 states and the 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies that stood up to the British monarchy and won our freedom. The colors themselves have sentimental meanings that refer to purity and hardiness. Every American has different feelings about what the flag means to them. It could mean freedom, pride, honor, or love for the United States of America. We want you to know the honorable way to handle this symbol of our great country and what it means to you.