When you find a great watering hole for those weekend nights, date nights, or just a cold beer after a hard day, you want your favorite bar to come with equipped with a great bartender. How do you determine what makes the best bartender? Sure, at the end of the night with a few under your belt almost any bartender is the best. But, what do you think are the things that make a bartender the best all the time?

Here on 96X The Rock of East Texas, we are getting ready for a contest called, "The Hottest Bartender in East Texas." This contest covers one of the factors that people see make for a great bartender. But, what else makes a bartender the best?

Quick service with a smile and maybe a joke might make for your favorite bartender. Great tasting drinks from a master mixologist might do the trick for you. Maybe, it just takes someone that remembers your name and your drink order.

There are lots of factors that make a bartender your favorite, or even the best. So, let us know what you think?

Don't forget to sign yourself, a friend, or your favorite bartender up for "The Hottest Bartender of East Texas" contest!