To quote Les Claypool from Primus, "I ain't nothin' special.  I'm your average kind of man.  I like a frosty barley-pop, and I'll drink 'em out the can." It doesn't matter to me if it's out of a can, bottle or keg. Ice cold beer has always been a staple for beating the Texas heat. The question is, which beer is the best?

Since we are already reaching temperatures in the low 80s and it's not even April yet, I have a feeling this summer is going to be brutal, as usual. These are a few of my favorites for beating the heat. Vote on your favorite at the bottom of the page, or just tell us which brew you like best!

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    Anchor Summer Beer

    This brew from San Francisco is the original 'American-style' wheat beer — a benchmark of craft brewing history that tastes as fresh and delicious today as it did when it was launched in the summer of 1984. While most wheat beers rely on European-inspired recipes, Anchor was the first to try their hand at their own all-malt interpretation using half wheat and half barley. Unlike Belgian-style Witbier or German-style Hefeweizen, this light-bodied ale is flitered and is neither spiced nor fermented with aromatic yeasts. This results in a subtle-tasting wheat beer that looks like lemon meringue pie in a glass — opalescent rather than cloudy under its pillowy white head. Delicate citrus aromas and a light touch of herbal hops steer Anchor's Summer Beer firmly toward refreshment that feels as bracing as a cool breeze off the bay.

    Anchor Brewing
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    Dogfish Head Festina Peche

    Dogfish Head is one of the United States' quirkiest breweries. Flying their freak flag proudly, they are known for their monster brews that frequently top 10 per cent alcohol. One of their finest achievements, however, is Festina Pêche, an homage to Berliner Weisse, one of the world's lightest bodied beers. A wheat beer brewed with special lactic cultures, Berliner Weisse is sour and dry. Traditionally, it is spiked with fruit syrup to offset its oddly yogurt-like lemonade tang. Dogfish Head chooses to add the fruit for you — in the form of fresh juicy peaches that add flavor (though not sweetness) to the beer. Festina Pêche manages to combine the dry refreshment of great beer with the tart and fruity tastiness of cider.

    Dogfish Head Brewery
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    Shiner Blonde

    Shiner Blonde made its debut as the original recipe Kosmos Spoetzl brought to the "Little Brewery." A golden lager that pays sincere tribute to its Bohemian roots, Shiner Blonde carries a distinctive flavor followed by a satisfying, smooth finish. Although our Blonde owes its heritage to the German homeland, it represents the best of a true American lager. That's our Shiner Blonde – red, white and brewed.

    Shiner Brewing Company