Well, here we go. This is very interesting for students trying to pay tuition in Florida. A new website to matches students with "Sugar Daddies" to help pay their college tuition.We have all at one time likely known a girl with a sugar daddy. But this is amazing and up front. SeekingArrangement.com (NSFW link) matches up students with sugar daddyies to help pay college tuition. The website says that sugar daddies get "companionship," which is laughable to me.

We all really know what is probably going on here. The University of Central Florida has the highest number of arrangement seekers. Below are the fastest growing colleges doing this.

The following is the list of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, by new sign ups in 2012:

  • 1. Georgia State University
  • 2. New York University
  • 3. Temple University
  • 4. University of Central Florida
  • 5. University of Southern Florida
  • 6. Arizona State University
  • 7. Florida International University
  • 8. University of Georgia
  • 9. Indiana University
  • 10. Texas State University
  • 11. Kent State University
  • 12. Penn State
  • 13. University of North Texas
  • 14. Florida State University
  • 15. Tulane University
  • 16. Michigan State University
  • 17. University of Ohio
  • 18. Columbia University
  • 19. University of Alabama
  • 20. UCLA
Would you join and do this if you needed college money help?