You read that right, there is a liquor that is infused with wasps. Not synthetic wasp flavoring, whatever that might be, but real and dead wasps. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. What in the world?!?

Huffington Post recently wrote about this weird new drink. They describe the way it is made, "[t]he stuff is apparently made by trapping live wasps in a mason jar filled with shochu; as the wasps die, they release toxins that flavor the drink. After fermenting for three years, the liquor is "dark, muddy brown" in color, smells faintly of rotting flesh and has a salty aftertaste."


First, I would like to know who found out that wasps can give anything flavoring? Who tasted their toxins and said, "You know, this would make for a great alcoholic drink. Right?"

Coming out of Japan, this bug infested liquor is becoming all the rage. This stuff is said to be good for your skin, helps you quit habits that are horrible with you, and keep you from feeling fatigued.

Okay. Sure. I believe you, but I'll stick to coffee to keep myself from being tired. What about you?