Not really a big football fan? Not looking forward to the official start of the NFL season? Well, there is a new sport on the horizon. A unique twist on the "classic American" sport. Take a look at Unicycle Football. 

There are leagues and teams popping up everywhere. They are the alternative athletes to what they call, "pedestrian football." This quirky sport is thought to have been started in Texas' very own San Marcus area.

These guys ride around on their one-wheeled machines wearing their flag football belts and are cheered on my adoring fans and even cheerleaders. Everyone involved is having a blast! But, this isn't just a willy-nilly game. They have rules.

Some of these rules include:

Really, the game is a lot like what we see on TV on Sunday nights. They, of course, have to tweak the rules to figure out jumping and stepping off the unicycles. But, Unicycle Football is really similar to what the NFL is doing. Reading through their rules is a little more fun, though.

They speak about things like how to properly play "fackle" football. This means, that you primarily tackle opponents by capturing one of the flags on their belt. Or, by using the “the least amount of force required to cause the ball handler to dismount their unicycle" technique.

Wanna learn more and find out where and when to see a game? Check out the Unicycle Football website for San Marcus by clicking here. Or, like them on Facebook to receive current events and updates.