Uncle Lucius played last Friday (Oct. 5) at the Liberty Hall Theater in Tyler. Their sound overwhelmed the crowd that came out to celebrate the release of their new album, "And You are Me." If you did not make the show, even though I told you over and over to come, you missed out on an explosive show. 

The excitement that filled the lobby of Liberty Hall Friday night was electric. One by one as the crowd filled the entry, a feeling of great anticipation grew. The buzz of voices exclaiming how they had be looking forward to this show became uncontrollable.

Once the announcement was made that the band was going to begin, the feverishness exploded in the crowd. All piled into the Liberty's performance area ready for a night to remember. Uncle Lucius most definitely brought the show everyone was waiting for.

They filled the auditorium with a massive sound unique to only them. As they played songs familiar to all and some featured on their new album, the audience swooned and swayed. Those that were sitting had trouble staying confined to their seat. All in attendance were moved by their blues and country influenced rock to the point of uncontrollable dancing. The sound coming from stage was almost drowned by everyone signing along to their more well known songs.

You will meet people throughout your life that will claim they have seen the best show you can see. They will boast about hearing music that took them over. Music that filled their sense of consciousness, becoming the only thing in world happening. These people will try to one up any story you have about seeing a band. They will be ruthless about the superiority of the talent of the band they experienced. These people will now be those in attendance at the Uncle Lucius concert.

Uncle Lucius, originally from Austin, tours the country so much they must be looking for a home away from home. I believe they have found one here in Tyler. They explained to me the reason why they come to Tyler, "Nick Pencis (owner of Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ) welcomes us like family." They continued by saying, "The crowds here are feverish..They seem to really love and enjoy us." I completely understand why they feel this way. The reaction from the crowd when they tried to leave the stage felt close to the emotions people felt for Oprah making her final bow. In the few years that Uncle Lucius has been playing in Tyler, they have built such a fan base that is hopelessly devoted to them. This following is to an almost the intensity of cult-hood.

These fans come from all over to see these guys play because of their amazing sound. Their music encompasses the evolution of music through the years. Their influences of past greats ranging from blues, country, to rock are reinterpreted to make music that speaks to everyone. The lyrics and how they are sung are breath taking. The drums compliment the bass that compliments the guitars that compliment the keyboard that compliments the drums. They are a continuous circle of precise melody.  They are a tight woking piece of musical machinery. No musician is better than the other, they all work together perfectly.

Songs like "I Am You" will soothe the soul. Then, "Pocket Full of Misery" will cause uncontrollable shimmying and shaking. Each song transforms the atmosphere to better suite the emotions of what Uncle Lucius is trying to express.

This was a show not to be missed, but luckily they frequently play at Stanley's BBQ. I suggest for a truly fulfilled existence, you must buy the Uncle Lucius album "And You Are Me" and get yourself to their next show. They are touring at the moment giving you plenty of opportunities outside of Tyler to see them.

Do not let my words fall again on closed ears. Uncle Lucius is a band to watch, they will soon be too large for any venue in Tyler. Your last chance to see them this close to home is daily getting closer.