CBS 19 has a story today about the Tyler Police walking the parking lots at busy store parking lots. The police are not only watching for suspicious activity, they are also handing out report cards. These report cards are based on what you have inside your vehicle.

Police are looking for what you have in your car - in plain sight of would-be thieves. I see it all the time - I pull up and park and as I am getting out of my truck and glance into the seat of the car beside me, lo and behold sits a ladies purse! Most of the time the purse is even open with items sticking out in plain sight!

While CBS 19 was following Tyler Police Officer, Kenneth Caudle, he gave many cars a failing grade. One car had a big screen television inside and the car was unlocked! Another car had a radar detector in plain sight. Yet another car failed because the owner left keys inside the car!

Police are not handing out tickets for any offense, but the are leaving a friendly reminder on vehicles that fail to be sure to leave valuables out of sight!

I personally think women are probably worse about this than men, but I could be wrong. What about you - do you admit to leaving personal belongings in plain site when parking your car?