Christmas day is on the way and soon you’ll be wondering what to do with that tree that’s been standing in your living room for the last month.

If you’re in Tyler you can recycle it!  The City Of Tyler Solid Waste Department and Keep Tyler Beautiful will be setting up a couple of drop off locations so you can recycle your undecorated, non-flcoked real tree.

You can begin dropping off your real tree Monday, December 26th throu Sunday, January 8th at the Christmas Tree Recyling areas that have been set up at Golden Road Park and Fun Forest Parks in Tyler.

Please remember to remove all of your special decorations and lights before dropping them off at the parks.  The trees will be recycled in area lakes by fishermen and sunk to create fish habitats.  This is great because it serves as a hiding place for small fish and provided food for them too because aquatic insects live on the tree branches.  Fishermen can stop by the park and pick up the discarded Christmas trees when they are available.

Also, you can leave your Christmas tree on your curb during normal trash pick up days and the city will pick it up and take it to the landfill and will not be recycled.

For more information on this recycling project you can call the Tyler’s Solid Waste department at 903.531.1348.