It’s embarrassing enough to imagine TSA agents rifling through your luggage, but it gets much worse when they start leaving notes commenting on what you’ve packed.

That’s what blogger and attorney, Jill Filipovic found out when she received a personal message from a tactless TSA agent in her suitcase after a recent flight.

Filipovic, who writes for Feministe, posted a picture of the note, which read, “Get your freak on” and then blogged about her reaction to it, commenting it was a “total violation of privacy, wildly inappropriate and clearly not ok.”

Her only theory as to what prompted the invasive gesture is that the indelicate searching agent must have found the vibrator she had brought along on the trip. Having such a private, personal item singled out for attention not only annoyed Filipovic, it humiliated and embarrassed her.

“The fact that they would leave a note takes it to another level of invasive – especially since I imagine they assumed I’d be embarrassed by their discovery,” she told the site Daily Dot in an email.

The TSA announced today that it has identified the offending screener and has removed the employee from “screening operations.”