Don't know who Jenna Marbles is? Well, lets introduce you to this funny, crazy, and dirty-mouthed blogger that is taking the internet by storm. Ms. Marbles has become one of YouTube's best known stars. You will love her top 3 videos, I promise. 

Jenna Marbles is one of YouTube's best video bloggers. In most of her videos she is letting the world know the inner workings of a girl's mind. These insights are absolutely going to make you laugh. Though some believe her opinions to be a bit lewd and rude, she is still making loads of YouTubers giggle uncontrollably.

These are five of some of her best videos. Though these might not be your favorite, they will surely still get you giggling. Make sure to watch her channel and you can find plenty more hilarious videos from this digital comedian. Beware for foul language, it might make you laugh.

1. Underwear Horoscopes

2. Getting Ready For a Date

3. Tricking People Into Thinking You're Good Looking

4. Things Girls Don't Understand About Boys

5. Things Girls Lie About