This year brought a lot of great movies to the theaters, but some were just better than others. 2013's horror movies seemed to be of a different and better breed. Though many tried to scare us, only a few stood out as great horror flicks. 

This is my list of the best scary movies released during 2013. They make me excited to see what 2014 will bring to us on the big screen. For now, let's honor these greats of 2013.

1. The Conjuring

This was a true treat. The story of Ed and Lorain Warren, real life ghost hunters, following one of the worst supernatural cases they ever dealt with. The imagery and extreme suspense was fantastic.

2. Insidious 2

The continuation of the story of a boy and his family haunted by things of another dimension was perfect. Keeping with the tale of possession and nerve wrecking fear, this became an instant hit.

3. Evil Dead

This remake to the old cult classic had a lot of the original's fans worried, but it was a happy surprise.


What was your favorite scary movie released during 2013?