I love it every year when Rolling Stone puts out its top 100 guitarists. Times change and the panel that chooses these are nothing to be laughed at.With names like Billy Corgan, Jerry Cantrell and Richie Blackmore on the panel, you know the right choices were made.

I'll just spill a little and say No. 1 is Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton is No. 2 and Jimmy Page at No. 3 makes you realize we have seen the best blow up the stage for years. The latest artists on the list were axe blasters like Tom Morello (No. 40) from Rage Against the Machine and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead (No. 48) on the list.

The list is just phenomenal. And it might open your eyes to some people you have never heard of. Just take a look at the list and judge for yourself.

Who do you think is the greatest guitarist of all-time?