Wow! Who would have guessed that the tomato is actually a fruit? Well in 1893 a Supreme Court decision actually declared it a vegetable. Makes you look at those thick slices on your burger differently. With over 7500 varieties, tomatos are used in so many ways. With so many uses, there are many a great recipe out there. The upcoming Jacksonville Tomato Fest should offer up some awesome ways to use your tomato. Check out the funny videos.

At one point in history, the tomato was thought to be poisonous. They don't feel that way in Jackonsville. On June 11th, the 27th annual Tomato Fest will be here. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in downtown Jacksonville on Commerce street, people will gather to honor this delicious fruit/vegetable. With contests like "Best Homegrown Tomato" and a tomato eating contest, it's sure to be a blast. So come on down, have some fun and eat some juicy tomatos.