A 23-year-old man in New Zealand was sent to the hospital Saturday night (July 28) after a party trick went horribly wrong! The trick involved setting off firecrackers between his buttocks! The man placed a firecracker between his cheeks and lit the fuse - followed by severe burns to his cheeks, back, and twigs and berries.

Authorities say -- wait for it -- alcohol was involved! You don't say! The man took himself to the hospital before paramedics could arrive. He will reportedly be sent to a special burn unit for further treatment.

Whats worse - the man may not be out of trouble after his wounds heal. In New Zealand it is illegal to set off fireworks after a certain time period is punishable by a fine. He could face a $282 fine for his "trick" since it was outside of the approved July 1st (Territory Day) period!