It's bathing suit season, and it's time to put on the bikini and be full of confidence right ladies?  Whatever!  Most of us gals worry about how we look in a bathing suit, and if we act like we don't care, deep down inside somewhere we probably do.  We want to feel confident!

There's a place in Dallas that's doing what's called "Thigh Gap Therapy," where part of the inner thigh is zapped with a laser to create more daylight there.  A Dallas TV station documented one woman's experience with it, and she said even though she works out and eats healthy, she still has an issue with her thighs.

Guys, what if your gal wanted the laser therapy?

Hopefully you already tell your lady she looks great no matter what, and you love and support in that bikini.  Good for you.  And by the way, you are so lucky you can just put on a pair of swimming trunks and dive right in.

Time will tell whether the Thigh Gap Therapy catches on, or if us gals will just decide to leave well enough alone.  I always wonder what happens to the nipped, tucked, and lasered skin during old age.  Hmm.

Regardless, have a great summer of fun in the sun.  And you DO look good in that bathing suit!