Think back to your childhood, the days you spent in the arcade for hours just trying to get past that one boss in that game that you can't seem to beat. If you are like me, the game that brought the most childhood frustration was House of the Dead. Hundreds of quarters were wasted trying to get through that world of endless zombie attacks. Well, it is back and there is no need for your pocket change. 

House of the Dead III is back to haunt your dreams with zombies, countless twists and turns, and those bosses that just won't die. Originally a Sega game, Nintendo's Wii has resurrected this game from the dead. The undead will now be battled by the Wii's wand, and we are all a little better off for the upgrade. Don't remember the game? Here is a little funny video to jog your memory.

Though the game is still as difficult as I remember it, not having to worry about losing all of my allowance for just a few chances to beat the big boss makes this game ten times as fun as before. Now, you can play for hours and instead of losing money you are losing your social life.

I got my first chance at this game, after years of its absence, last night at my friend's house. We felt confident at first because we believed that as adults we would have improved hand and eye coordination. Yeah, years older I still struggled to stay alive.

A game that challenges you is the most fun to play. There is no reason to spend hours on a game if you are bored with its difficulty. House of the Dead III gets you so close to the end before you die with no more credits, making it one of the most frustrating games. Your competitive spirit will rage through your veins letting the addiction to the B horror movie graphics over powering.

Before you know it, you will be pleading with you friend, "Please, just one more turn. We can beat them this time, I know it. Please, please, please!" But, there is never just one more turn. This blast from the past game will keep you up all night, the hours flying past at light speed. The feverish need to play the game could even turn you into a raving lunatic that may have a little freak out if unable to pick up that controller. Check out Arcade Sushi's "10 Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums" to see people completely lose it over a game. 

The likelihood that you will turn into one of these crazed kids is slim, but House of the Dead is so good the risk increases a little more than a friendly game of Wii bowling.

The graphics and voice acting are not necessarily the component of this game that will cause your freak out. Lets admit it, the graphics are so 1990's and the one liners are horrible. But, if you love B horror movies you will appreciate the 'so bad, it is good' aspect of the cheesiness. One of my favorite settings choices for House of the Dead is whether to have green or red blood. If you have a problem with the amount of blood gushing and exploding out every where, you might feel more comfortable if it were green? Hilarious.

With blood color set, you might also feel confidence going into Chapter One of House of the Dead. Do not let the easy point and shoot controlling fool you. Zombies of all styles will come blazing at you from every direction while the game controls your motion and path. Every once in a while you will see a coin spinning in a corner. Don't worry about that coin, you won't be fast enough to get it. And, quit wasting your time shooting the guard boss until that little red life bar is ready. This game has so many elements out of your control, the point and shoot won't give you any comfort after your first round of six zombies two feet from your face.

Also, beware of reloading your shotgun. There will be many times during play that you will keep shooting without realizing you are out of ammo. That voice shouting, "Reload!" won't be audible with all of the confusion around you. Even if you do keep up with your ammo supply, the reload is so slow that it will let that tentacle latch right on to your face.

There are some cheats out there, but almost every websites says the same thing. Just keep practicing. Don't let the game get you down. You will die. You will die a lot. The five lives and nine credits will not last very long. But, you will have the time of your life and this Wii game will bring back all of the fond memories you had almost forgotten.

I enjoyed every hour of playing House of the Dead last night. I felt like I was right back in my childhood. My brother and I battling zombies at the Pizza Hut arcade with a scrunchie around my wrist, my Space Jams Converse shoes on, and my jean shorts full of quarters. Now, when I play I won't have to worry about curfew or sharing turns with the other kids in the arcade. This revitalization of such a gamer favorite was one of the best decisions Nintendo Wii ever made.

I suggest picking one up at your local Game Stop or online.