What lurks in the dark corners? What is hiding under the bed and in the shadows of your closet? Well, it is easy to find out when you journey into the creepy dark depths of the weird side of YouTube. You will find monsters. 

Are monsters, aliens, and ghosts real? YouTube says, yes.

How can you find all of this "proof"? It starts with a slow day at work.

Sitting at your desk with nothing better to do but hours left to kill can lead to a black hole of endless and depressing boredom. When you realize you might have a few minutes of uninterrupted YouTube time. Once you find that you won't be caught for a good space of time, most of us hit the web to occupy our minds and time.

But if you wonder blindly off the path of the "normal" YouTube experience, you will find yourself surrounded by the weird wide web. This is not a place for the weak at heart. If you are satisfied with cute kitten videos, how-to series, and music videos; stay clear of these dangerous and odd video links. This area of the internet is not for everyone.

You may not like what you find in these eerie back alley ways of YouTube if you know well that you cannot sleep after a bit of fright enters your life. If you sleep with a night light, get nightmares from River Monsters or Ghost Hunters, and/or are, in general, a big wuss; stop reading this article right here. Give yourself a break, don't come along on this journey of the wicked and weird.

Those of you that have stayed, are you ready? It is about to get funny, fake, weird, and photoshopped. Do you believe in aliens, real live monsters, and ghosts? You might see these videos to be purely documentation of facts and occurrences. For the rest of us, this is just a cheap ticket freak show. Either way, let's get going deep into the shadows.

Here are a collection of some of my favorites of the weird wide web.

1. Manhattan Monster

2. Terrestrial Texas Toad

3. African Alien

4. New Monster of New Zealand

5. Gettysburg Ghosts

There you have it folks, you own YouTube trip through the weird wide web. Choose to believe, or not.