Hurricanes and tropical storms have been getting named since the 1940's and now in the upcoming 2012-2013 winter season, The Weather Channel will name big winter storms as well.

Our goal is to better communicate the threat and the timing of the significant impacts that accompany these events. The fact is, a storm with a name is easier to follow, which will mean fewer surprises and more preparation.

Naming of storms raises awareness, makes the storm easier to follow, and makes it easier to reference in communication - especially in today's social media world.

Naming of winter storms has been done since the 1950's in Europe. The Weather Channel says it's time for the United States to do the same. They say it's not really possible to name summer type storms that produce thunderstorms and tornadoes because those storm are typically short-lived and fast moving. tropical and winter storms are slower moving and take up more time and area than a summer storm.