Go ahead and forgive me before you begin reading, but this article revolves around underwear; what constitutes the perfect pair to be exact.  If you aren’t interested or are overly concerned with the appropriateness of such a discussion, move along because I’m going to share some personal opinions here.

My search for the perfect pair has been a twenty year quest.  As a young man, I wasn’t aware that there were options here.  When you’re young, you wear what your mom buys you and this is typically whatever your dad wears.  I had no idea there were different styles.  There are briefs, boxers, a cross-pollination, the boxer-brief, along with what no man I know should ever be caught dead in, the bikini.  Each has it benefits and drawbacks, which I will briefly highlight below.

Briefs:  Briefs typically come in your standard issue white and are a good choice for support and for physical activities.  They are usually inexpensive and made of cotton.  Not a bad choice, but not one that’s going to drive the ladies wild either.  My litmus test here is would I want to stand out on the street wearing briefs…the answer is no.

Boxers:  Boxers are like a 1957 Chevrolet.   They are classic and exude style, but you don’t want to drive one every day.  Boxers do nothing for support; a big downside.  Ask any guy and he’ll tell you that support is paramount.  They work well when wearing khaki’s or suit pants, but bunch up WAY too much for me with blue jeans.  Would I stand on the street in nothing but boxers?  My answer is sure, why not.

Boxer-briefs:  Boxer-briefs are what I believe to be the pinnacle of evolution in the undergarment world.  They provide extensive support and good coverage in just the right areas.  Additionally, a survey of the ladies indicates that women tend to find them sexy.  They can be found in numerous fabrics including, but not limited to, cotton and spandex.  A personal favorite of mine are made by Under Armour.  Bought t years ago, they are still going strong with no sign of weakness yet.  Again, would I stand on the street in nothing but boxers?   In actuality, I’d probably be running down the street.

Bikini:  What do I say here?  It’s not 1977, I do not resemble Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck, and I never liked Speedos.  Furthermore, I’m not a Chippendale dancer and even if I had aspirations, I’m past my prime anyway.  Would I stand on the street in nothing but a bikini?  Not for all the tea in China.

In closing, though there are numerous options here, I know what works for me.   Classic black Under Armour has been a winning formula with no unexpected disasters for almost three years now.  I’m sticking with success.

Godspeed -