Everyone is so down on Romo -- and rightfully so. He made 2 boneheaded plays at the end of the Jets game. BUT, Dallas wouldn't have been ahead without Romo playing well for 3.5 quarters, especially with zero run game -- PLUS, the punt blocked for a TD in inexcusable. More of NFL details after the jump

Dallas-7 @ San Fran
It's a new week and Dallas is at San Francisco. Look for Romo to have a huge game. BUT, Dallas needs to run the ball MUCH better. Cowboys are a 7 point fav...I'd take that bet.

Eagles @ Falcons +2.5. Michael Vick returns to Atlanta. The crowd will be wearing the old 7 jerseys and cheering for Vick. BUT, Philly is a ROAD FAV. that's very unusual in the NFL. Especially against a good team like ATL. I'd take the Falcons at +2.5 all day.

Bears +6.5@ Saints. This spread is a shocker. The Saints have injury issues and their defense is horrible. The Bears are a SOLID team and should cover this spread.

Scores for NFL games=
Dallas 31-SF18
Falcons 24-Eagles19