Rock bands for years have been wearing weird clothes, acting crazy, and singing songs that don't really make sense. Until now, there had been good tries to have the most fun rock and roll can have. Then, there was Peelander Z. 

This crazy japanese band is aiming for the world to have fun.

I was able to see these guys in Austin during the Fun Fun Fun Fest. This festival, actually happening this weekend, is all about fun. Peelander Z was a perfect fit.

There excited and frantic music matched perfectly their high energy performance. They wore insane costumes including; a bowling pin, a lobster, and a rock and roll super hero. They included the crowd with interactive crowd bowling and throwing kitchen supplies out to the fans so they could help make the song boom.

They are no Aerosmith or David Bowie, but these guys are fun. So, let's make your Friday a little bit more fun. I now introduce you to Peelander Z.