The final words of the men and women sent to execution for their crimes are some of the most haunting and interesting words ever uttered by man kind. But, reading through the hundreds of last statements, one finds there are a few trends. What are the common themes of death row inmates in their last words? 

It is a little sad to read through the last statements of death row inmates. You can't help but think of the families of the men and women being put to rest for some of the world's worst crimes. But, feeling sad for these inmates and their families is not the only re-occuring theme when reading through their last statements.

1. Religion

Praises to God and Allah were in almost every last statement of one right before their execution. Some sang, some prayed, and some were only prepared for this experience because of their readiness to be in Heaven or with their god.

2. Always a Fan

Sports are very important to men. As it seems, this fact even shows when they are in their last moments. This seems crazy and, maybe, a bit funny. Seeing these men scream out for their team one last time seems natural. Don't believe me?

3. Sense of Humor

Some of the death row inmates dealt with their situation with the same fun attitude they had in life. They left this world joking. This man crack one last joke before he said his final goodbye. You can't blame these funny guys, they are dealing with such a a difficult situation the best way they know how.

4. Rooting for the Home Team

Some of these lost souls left the world with one last shout out to their home. Even when some inmates on death row blamed their states for even having the death penalty, others were still showing their support for the place they called home. This man left the world "Texan proud." On the other side, this man's last few words were in support of his home country. 

5. The Taste and Feel of Death

The eeriest and most disturbing trend found when reading the last words of men and women at their execution were those that described death coming. Almost everyone exclaimed, "You can taste it." Sometimes, this taste came as an abrupt ending to final goodbyes. Other times, it completely interrupted the final words. 

Some of these words will haunt you. Some make you feel so bad for the death row inmates. The worst trend of them all are the inmates that chose to say nothing in their last moments. Something about that leaves you feeling cold.

It is important to have these words documented for friends, family, and court records. But, it can also teach all of the rest of us a lesson. It shows us a glimpse into a life we may never experience.