Love, lust, and the in between advice. Music reviews and news. Tid bits and knowledge. Only one man can give all of this in just a few short minutes. That man is your favorite 96X The Rock of East Texas radio DJ, Fish. Welcome to the first 'The Dish With Fish.' Watch and learn a little something while you laugh. 

One this first installment of the new video series from 96X, you will hear exactly what is on Fish's mind.

First up, a list of Fish's own most anticipated albums to come in 2013. Then, he will give some words of wisdom to some ball and chained listeners. Just like you, these guys are fans of The Rock of East Texas and want to hear what Fish thinks could help their relationship out.

Through Valentine's Day you can send in your love, lust, and all the weird (somewhere between those two) advice. Send him an email at

Make sure you tune in next week for the next round of The Dish With Fish. For now, enjoy this first video of Fish in all his glory.