It is Friday again. That means, it is time for The Dish With Fish. This is episode six and we have a special guest for this week's video. The girls winner of our 96X The Rock of East Texas' Hottest Bartender contest. Watch for a bit of fun and games. 

Have you ever played Would You Rather? Have you ever completed a game of Madlibs? Well, Fish and Emily play both of these games in this episode of The Dish With Fish.

Emily, from Neon Country in Jacksonville, is our winner of the Hottest Bartender contest. She was voted as the hottest female bartender by listeners like you, or maybe even by you. Fish and Emily joke around and tell embarrassing stories, making this video a great watch.

Hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to send in your questions to Fish at: He will answer anything you send to him, so go crazy. Ask him about his life, play Would You Rather with him, ask for advice, or talk about some rock music news you want to hear about.

See you next week for the next episode of The Dish With Fish. For now, watch this.