There is a bra that is being developed that will help keep women out of the kitchen. What?! Yes, this is true. This bra is said to be a future tool to aid women out of the traps of emotional eating. 

The idea behind this fridge raid stopping bra is that is will measure stress levels of the supporter wearer and remind them not to head to the kitchen.

How will this undergarment do this? The product developers say that the bra, "contains removable sensors that monitor heart and skin activity to provide an indication of mood." If the meter finds that these stress indicators are rising, it will interact with an app on your smart phone to tell you to keep your chubby hands out of the fridge.

Wow. Kind of crazy and a little offensive, huh? But, it makes sense in our current society. With the world wide obsession with being thin, this bra may just be a sell out.

Though over eating is a problem for both sexes, this invention feeds into the stereotype that women are generally in less control of their emotions. Therefore, they are less able to control these emotional eating tendencies. Whatever, dude.

Though, I do think it would be funny to gather a a girl friend's house while she is describing her latest break up and watch as her bra begins to light up and make an alarming noise because she reached for the gallon of ice cream.

But, my opinion on this ridiculous invention aside. What do you think?