The other day we asked our fans what they thought about the TAKS testing system, and if they thought it helped our teachers, schools, and students. The response was a big obvious NO. After this school year though, TAKS is coming to an end. More after the jump.

TAKS testing is in season, but from what the community says, its in all school season. Teachers, parents, and even former students of the TAKS system almost all agree that TAKS is destroying the education system. Its causing our youth to be stressed over practice tests, and tying the hands of our teachers trying educate with even a little creativity, but given a simple manual to hand out. Some have gone so far as to simply homeschool their children.

The TAKS test is a test in a long line of tests that have changed over the years. Before TAKS it was TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills). The original idea behind these state tests were to make sure schools were keeping with the minimum curriculum that students needed to at least know. Now it is widely said that the test is used to make sure the schools with the higher scores get more state money. So has it become more about the money then the children?

Having a standard in education that all schools must meet isn't always a bad thing. While it has taken control of most of the educational time, it also keeps any school from lacking in its education, so when a student leaves high school, they will have been given the proper education along with every other student. When a student goes into college, they are usually tested on seeing if they have the knowledge to take college entry classes. Some students do not and have to take college classes that don't count as college credit. However, this has happened even with the TAKS education. Their are a number of Pros and Cons.

Those worried about the TAKS test don't have to worry much longer because starting next year, all freshman will no longer be taking the TAKS test. Freshman of next year will now be taking the STAAR test. STAAR tests will be three end of year exams in four core subjects. So before they graduate they will have had to pass 12 tests. It is said that the new tests will be harder and tests the child's performance and academic growth.

So will STAAR be for the better? Will it allow a more open teaching system while keeping a mandatory education? Or will it continue to be about the money, and turn all education into being run by the state all year long?