Texting While Walking – Into a Bear! [VIDEO]
This made me roll this morning. We've all seen the videos of people walking and texting and then falling into fountains or tripping on something and falling on their face. I'm not sure all of those videos are legit. This video, however, is very much not staged. Man vs. bear!
5 Different Ways For a Woman to Wear a Man’s Shirt [VIDEO]
At the risk of seeming less like a man, I'm posting this "fashion" video anyway. I was searching YouTube this morning to find the official music video for 'Walk' by the Foo Fighters when this video popped up on the side in the list of "suggested videos." I LOVE a woman wearing no…
When Do You ‘Break the Barrier?’ [NSFW VIDEO]
A friend of mine sent me this video yesterday.  Damn funny for a Friday if you ask me.  It deals with what they call "Breaking The Barrier." When you are in a new relationship, when is the appropriate amount of time before you can comfortably fart in front of each other?

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