How Animals Eat Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]
This video was just pasted on Monday (4/8) and it already has 6 million views. With that many views I knew I needed to check it out. When the video first started I was less than impressed, but by the second clip I was rolling.
Kid Runs Onto Basketball Court in The Middle of Baylor Game [VIDEO]
A funny scene played out last night during the Baylor/Oklahoma game last night on ESPN when a kid runs out onto the court in the middle of play! How many times have we as parents had to hold our kids back from doing the exact same thing at a sporting event! At least this kid got national television …
Best Cat Video Ever Made — Patty Cake Cats [VIDEO]
Sure, there are lots of videos of cats on the internet. Some are cute, some are sad (thanks a lot Sarah Mclachlan), and some are funny. With an overwhelming amount of these clips on YouTube and Facebook, you might be getting tired of them. If they are all starting to run together and get boring to y…
Reporter Makes Baby Cry on Live Television [VIDEO]
News reporters are known for making bloopers on air that end up going viral online. These videos are typically ones that make us laugh at something dumb they did. But, a reporter up in Colorado didn't do anything funny, in fact he made a little boy cry.
Stadium DJ Ejected From Game By Umpire [VIDEO]
It's not uncommon for baseball players or team managers to get ejected from the game for arguing with umpires, but you hardly ever see an announcer or stadium DJ ejected. That exactly what happened on Wednesday (August 1) at a minor league game in Florida.
‘The Dueling Fiddlers’ Cover AC/DC [VIDEO]
Why do I always feel like I am the last to find out about stuff like this? Has anyone else seen The Dueling Fiddlers? These guys take classic songs from bands like Nirvana, AC/DC, Journey and more and rock the hell out of them on their fiddles. They are so good in fact, that AC/DC featured this vide…

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