Ylvis and the Intelevator
Ylvis, the comedic duo that brought you, 'What Does the Fox Say?' is at it again. Check out this stellar prank they've been working on!
The Intelevator is a one of a'll see what I mean when you watch these videos:
Yeah, they're great, I know...
Viral Video of Orangutan Stealing a Dude’s Shirt [VIDEO]
There's a funny video going viral today of an orangutan who steals a guys shirt literally off his back. The frightened zoo-goer eventually gives up the shirt after a short struggle with the ape.  The best part is when the ape actually puts the shirt on and seems to mock the guy who he just…
How Animals Eat Video Goes Viral [VIDEO]
This video was just pasted on Monday (4/8) and it already has 6 million views. With that many views I knew I needed to check it out. When the video first started I was less than impressed, but by the second clip I was rolling.

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