The Rock Returns To Wrestling [VIDEO]
Dwayne Johnson is returning to wrestling. The artist still known as The Rock was introduced last night as the surprise host of Wrestlemania 27, which will take place in Atlanta at the end of March.
Johnson, whose last ring appearance was in 2004, left professional wrestling to pursue a career in acti…
Foo Fighters Release New [VIDEO]
The Foo Fighters’ new album doesn’t come out until April 12th but they’ve already recorded a video for a track on the effort. It’s for the song “White Limo” and the clip is shot in the style of a lo-fi 90s V…
‘Polite Robber’ Arrested, Turns Out to Be a Liar [VIDEO]
A lot of people were saddened by this video of a 65-year-old robber repeatedly apologizing to the convenience store clerk he was robbing. The "Polite Robber" spoke in a soft voice, used the word “sir” and remorsefully told the clerk that he needed money to pay rent and feed his kids.
Behind The Scenes Of Ozzy Commercial [VIDEO]
One of the more memorable commercials that aired during the Super Bowl over the weekend was the Best Buy ad featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber and now, you can see some behind-the-scenes footage from the taping of it.
NFL’s Greatest Hits [VIDEO]
The NFL season is officially over. For those of you who don't know what you are going to do now on Sunday afternoons, here is a video of some of the NFL's greatest hits of all time! Set to music from Nickelback.
Kid Falls Onto Subway Tracks While Playing Video Game
A 10-year-old walking on a subway platform in Milan, Italy while playing his handheld PSP became so engrossed in his game that he wandered right onto the train tracks.
The youngster took quite a tumble, but Alessandro Micalizz, an off-duty cop, immediately jumped down onto the track and pulled the bo…
Super Bowl Halftime Shows
The Black Eyed Peas are set to perform at Super Bowl XLV this Sunday.  That really does not impress me at all.  However, the Associated Press is reporting that a  legendary guitarist will perform as well.  Find out who after the jump.
Great Sports Pep Talks
The Super Bowl is this Sunday.  I found this clip of some of the greatest sports movies of all time.  I wonder what the coach's will say in the locker room this weekend?
Superbowl Ads [VIDEO]
Here is a look at some of the memorable Super Bowl Ads from last year.
A commercial for this years Super Bowl as short as thirty seconds can cost a company up to $3 million. That sounds insane, but the number of viewers for this Sunday’s game is expected to reach 100 million...
Mythbusters Butt [VIDEO]
Yeah, I don’t really know what the Mythbusters were up to, but they had to scan Kari’s butt for some reason. So she puts on a body suit and bends over. It is SO sweet.

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