Fun & Free Family Activities For the Holidays
During this time of year, the little ones around us are looking for something fun to do. To keep your family having loads of fun during this holiday season but not breaking the bank, here are a few things you can do around the Tyler area for free.
5 Best Gifts For Your Walking Dead Fan
With the popularity of The Walking Dead growing every season, more and more of us are finding that when we are looking for zombie themed somethings for our loved ones. But, what should you get them?
East Texas Christmas Parades Rescheduled Due To Weather
Winter isn't expected to arrive until a few more weeks, but thanks to the nationwide record setting cold front that moved through East Texas last Thursday night, many local Christmas parades have been rescheduled because of the extreme cold weather that moved into East Texas.
Favorite Christmas Traditions
Families all over the world have Christmas traditions that they look forward to each year - whether it be gift exchanging, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling or anything else, it wouldn't be Christmas without it.
Anyone Else Feel Bad For the UPS Guy?
If you’re like me, you've done quite a bit of online shopping in the past week or so. I was actually cyber-shopping out ahead of the game and received one package the day after Thanksgiving. Then I shopped more over the holiday weekend and on Cyber Monday, and there are five mor…
Best Dirty Santa Gifts
We've all been there - you read that invitation asking you to attend a Dirty Santa party, but now you've got to come up with a brilliant gift idea. Well, you can worry a little less after reading this list.
Hate Crowds? Shop This Wednesday!
The Black Friday crowds have dispersed, but it's still expected to be a busy holiday shopping season overall, and the stores will be crowded all the way until Christmas.

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