There’s No Such Thing As Comfort Food?
Do you pack snacks for work?  I do.  Boring ones like gluten-free granola and crisp breads since I'm going without wheat/gluten and soy for the time being.  The kind of snacks that makes you fellas' eyes roll!  But pizza would normally be my favorite comfort food.  Do you have one?  Mac and cheese? …
So How Much Money Do You Make?
Um, yeah. Don't answer that ... yet!
I read an interesting article in the NY Times this week that said because so much information now is out in the open with social media, we may be entering a time when salaries aren't quite as secretive as they have been in the past.
Do you know …
Fantasy Football Sucks The Life Out Of The Workday
I'll admit it, Fantasy Football is fun!  So much fun that I had to ban myself from playing.  I was spending way too much time tweaking my lineups each week and dropping and adding players, and worrying about how I was going to beat co-workers named Mike and Amy that I worked with at the time.  I rec…
What If We Had A 3-Day Work Week?
This story may not have quite the impact if it was coming from a video-game-playing dude in his twenties who spent most of his time on the couch eating chips.
But it's coming from a guy with big ambitions who heads a multi-billion dollar company, and is the second-richest person in the world behind B…
How to Catch the Office Food Thief [VIDEO]
It’s happened to us all at work at some point or another, that lunch you brought in and placed in the office refrigerator somehow disappears by the time you go to enjoy it.  That’s happened to me quite a few times here at the radio station but hasn’t happened in a couple of years though thankfully. …
Why Do We Work 40 Hours a Week?
If you’re putting in a 60-hour workweek, you may think the people who do their regular 40 hours and go home are slackers — but the truth is, they’re probably more productive than you are.
Which Cities Have the Best — and Worst — Commute Times?
If you’re fed up with your long commute to work, you may want to consider a move to Great Falls, Montana.
While a new report from the Census Bureau shows the average US commute is about 25 minutes, those in Great Falls only have a 14-minute travel time, the shortest in the country.