State Fair Foods Are Coming to Wal-Mart
Soon you'll be able to get some deep-fried Twinkies while you're picking up a Snuggie and a car battery.
Wal-Mart is adding a new restaurant inside the Tyler area stores, and it's inspired by State Fair Foods.  Even fried meatloaf!
Wal-Mart Heiress Rolls Back Prices on Texas Ranches
When houses don't sell, it's usually the advice of the realtor to drop the price. And dropping the list price on two houses by a combined total of ten million bucks makes them a bargain. If you're rich.
See where these pricey Texas homes are, and who is selling them. Did you even …
Walmart to Close 269 Stores, Nearly 30 in Texas
Wal-Mart has announced plans to close 269 stores across the U.S. and globally.  According to a press release, officials with Wal-Mart indicated that after assessing their portfolio for 2015, there was a need for these closures to ensure Wal-Mart remains a healthy business.
Amazing! Little Girl Scares Off Kidnapper in Walmart [VIDEO]
Anyone who has kids has got to watch this video and teach your kids to do the same thing! A little girl in Georgia scared off a would-be kidnapper by remembering what her parents had taught her about "stranger danger." She was looking at toys just a few aisles over from where her mother wa…